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Marketing Your Practice for Success

This training is a great introduction for any business owner! We originally created this training with mental health professionals in mind, but it has expanded for anyone looking to understand the basics of marketing to build and market their business. During the training we cover the 5 Ps of marketing, and added our own, “6th P”, but we can’t just tell you what the 6th one is, you will have to sign up for this dynamic course. Attendees will walk away with tangible steps to move forward in successfully marketing their business.

Private Practice Expo

Dr. Kate and Katie in conjunction with the board of Broward Association of Marriage and Family Therapy created the first ever “Private Practice Expo”. It was a full day conference jam packed with CEUS and valuable information on essential private practice topics. Participants could choose a variety of workshops to customize their track and best meet their needs. The options were: Business Law; Family Law; SEO/SEM and On-line Marketing; General Marketing Practices; and Finances. All participants attended the panel discussion as they listened to various business owners share their trials and tribulations as well as tips on becoming successful at their craft.

 So You Graduated, Now What?

This 3 hour, CEU workshop was debuted at the Florida Association for Marriage and Family Therapy’s annual conference. This workshop is designed for new graduates and clinicians looking for support, guidance and direction. This workshop covers vital resources, possibilities and pitfalls of the field, strategies for successfully navigating the field, concrete steps for developing SMART short and long-term goals, and research based tips for staying passionately committed to one’s career path.

The Prevention of Medical Errors

Raise your hand if you dread taking the required, “Understanding the Prevention of Medical Errors” course every biennium. If that is the case, you definitely haven’t taken it with us! This course was designed specifically with the clinician in mind. Katie has been doing this training since 2011 and remembers sitting in that same boring course and vowed that she would never allow her colleagues to yawn their way through another one. We have made this mandatory and often, uninteresting training into something thought provoking, clinically relevant, and interactive. If you’re a registered intern or a licensed professional, guess what… you need to take this course. We suggest taking it with us. Although we don’t offer a money back guarantee, we know you will gain more from this training than “don’t cut off the right arm”.

Ethics and Boundaries

As innovators in our industry, we like to couple our training topics with current trends. I mean attending “Ethics and Boundaries: Navigating the 50+ Shades of Gray” sounds way more stimulating than just ethics and boundaries, doesn’t it? Have we piqued your curiosity as of yet? If so, join us during this training and you won’t be disappointed. This workshop focuses not only on the issues surrounding ethics and boundaries in practice, but also explores self-awareness, self-care, culture and diversity, sexuality, laws, rules, and of course ethics. This course is designed to provoke conversation on various issues mental health professionals face working in the field.

16-Hour Florida Qualified Supervisor Course

After working on this training for 1.5 years, we debuted our company with the 16 Hour Florida Qualified Supervisor Course. This 2-day training is required for any Chapter 491 licensed professional interested in becoming an approved supervisor in the state of Florida. We want to assure you have an engaging and rewarding experience when you attend one of our workshops or seminars. That being said we added several bonuses into this training that you won’t get anywhere else. Here is a list of things you will walk away with: new skills and understanding of what it takes to be a competent and qualified supervisor,; a clearly defined vision of your particular supervision style, approach, and philosophy; your own written supervisory contract; further understanding of the ethics, laws and rules that govern being an approved supervisor in the state of Florida; successful marketing strategies for advertising your supervision practice; and of course long-term support and collaboration from us!

The “K2 Experience”

DSCN0910K2 Visionaries, LLC was created with YOU in mind.   We are mental health professionals just like you!  We are constantly seeking advancement, while balancing success in our professional lives and being the best we can be in our personal lives.

Over the years, we’ve attended numerous networking events and sat in countless hours of workshops, conferences, trainings, and seminars.  Although many of these trainings were satisfying and inspiring, there were also times when we found ourselves bored, frustrated, and disappointed with how the material was presented.  Those unfulfilling experiences left us wishing we had signed up for a different training or took the online training in the comfort of our own homes.  That way, we could have at least been in our comfy clothes, sitting on the couch, noshing on our favorite snacks, and completing the training at our leisure.

At K2 Visionaries we know what you are capable of, even if you have not fully discovered your true and highest potential as of yet.  Although at home and online courses are convenient in our very sped up world, we can’t move mountains by sitting home alone.  You need quality community, meaningful connections, and ongoing support to inspire you to make your personal and professional dreams become reality!

We are committed to excellence in all that we do.  Our commitment is fueled by the invigoration we connect with while providing you a top-notch, fun, creative, experiential, and rewarding experience at our networking events, professional seminars, counseling supervision, and CEU trainings for mental health professionals.  We know from our own experiences that having presenters who are passionate, engaged, and collaborative is the difference that makes a difference by transforming the entire experience for attendees and presenters.

We are passionately committed to the work we do and passionately committed to the work you do!  Our passion comes from inspiring you to reach your greatest potential.  We are inspired when working with people who are able to achieve their wildest dreams, both personally and professionally.  Our promise to you is that we provide an engaging and rewarding experience that stretches your personal and professional boundaries helping you reach new heights.  Our goal is for you to leave our events feeling fulfilled, inspired, passionate, invigorated, and motivated to take action toward achieving your goals and dreams!

We provide CEU trainings for mental health professionals, team building workshops, professional seminars, and conferences, in a thought-provoking and experiential manner.  We are chapter 490 and 491 approved Continuing Education Unit, (CEU), providers for the state of Florida.  That means as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker or a Licensed Psychologist you get a double bonus when connecting with us!   Wondering what the first bonus was… attending one of our events, of course.  We also offer networking events and opportunities to collaborate.  We believe in long lasting personal and professional relationships.  The more you grow the more we grow, and we are about doing that together.  We believe the only way to get where you are going is to “lift while you climb.”  Although getting to the top is great, we ask that you…

“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.” ~ Greg Anderson

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