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Do you remember taking Business 101 in your graduate program? We don’t either! Sadly, people who went to school to learn a skill such as therapy, law, medicine, etc. go out and open a business with minimal business education, skills or know how. Being an entrepreneur and excelling in the business world requires a whole other education that mental health professionals aren’t taught. Most therapists don’t learn about the necessary business, marketing, financial, and entrepreneurial skills it takes to be successful in the competitive market place, but we’ve got you covered! This is where we excel and LOVE to share our passion about business with you!

We are two entrepreneurial therapists who built our successful companies from the ground up and we want to share what we learned with you! A lot of what we have learned has been self taught, learning from our mistakes, connecting with the right people, keeping our minds, eyes and ears open to learning how people are successful in business. Additionally, we’ve attended numerous trainings, seminars, and conferences over the years to learn what works in building and maintaining thriving private practices. We provide private practice coaching for psychotherapists who desire to create successful and thriving private practices.

Prof Wmn Working Together1:1 Concierge Coaching:
We offer private practice coaching in two ways: 1:1 private practice coaching and group coaching. Coaching for 1:1 sessions are 50 minutes in length and sessions are scheduled weekly or bi-weekly. During this time, we focus solely on areas of your business that matter to you most. We coach and guide you through many aspects of being a successful business owner. We offer packages that offer discounted rates for coaching sessions.

Group Coaching:

We also offer group coaching. Group coaching is done on a call with up to four people at one time and a coach. Group calls are scheduled on a specific day and time each week. Each person is coached to his/her need at any given time in his/her business. On the group call you get coaching on many different topics. You are also an integral part of the coaching process by sharing what you have learned, resources, experience, etc. with your fellow colleagues. Group coaching is a collaborative effort while we support, guide, advise, and facilitate the coaching process.

Topics Covered Through Coaching:

      • prof wordsPsychology behind a successful private practice practitioner
        • Acquiring an Entrepreneurial Mindset
        • Identifying the biggest obstacles to achieving a successful practice
        • Balancing multiple roles
        • Practitioner self-care
      • Successful marketing strategies
        • Understanding effective branding and positioning
        • Developing your vision, mission, and culture
        • Identifying your ideal clients and target market
        • Creating a well rounded marketing plan
        • Building a referral driven business
      • Managing the business side of the business
        • Financial management 101
        • Reviewing and creating a business plan
        • Payment systems, insurance options, and private pay practices
      • Adhering to Best Practices
        • Customer Service
        • Ethics
        • HIPAA
        • Laws and Rules
      • And Much More…

Webinars, Workshops & Trainings:

Train Success StepsComing soon, we will also be offering our Private Practice Coaching Webinars and Trainings. These will give you an opportunity to delve deeper into specific skills for your business and will inspire you to take action on areas in your business that matter the most.

Private Practice Coaching EXTRAS & BONUSES

In addition, our private practice coaching webinars, workshops, and training courses come with CEUs for Florida based LMFTs, LMHCs, LCSWs and Licensed Psychologists.

The other GREAT thing about private practice coaching with K2 Visionaries is that you also get the opportunity to purchase our Attorney Approved Private Practice Paperwork at a discounted rate, now that’s a way to cross multiple hurdles in one leap!

So why do you want to be coached by us… great question! Well, the proof is in the pudding, and we believe in our own continuous growth and development. We are constantly learning, attending trainings, stepping outside our comfort zones, and bettering ourselves both personally and professionally so we can give it back to you, helping YOU succeed! That is our commitment for us and to you.


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